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See the Whole Picture

My approach to development allows leaders to shine a light through their organisational relationships, spheres of influence and contextual environment to see the whole picture. This broader perspective reveals new opportunities for growth or change; in the words of Miles Davis:


“Don't play what's there; play what's not there”.

Organisational life, which is essentially a network of human relationships, is complex and dynamic. And the context in which organisations operate is capricious, the world of business offers guaranteed uncertainty. However, in contrast, leadership teams need to provide clear strategic direction and clarity of purpose to deliver sustainable value creation. And by successfully navigating this paradoxical challenge, executive teams gain their rewards. So, how do we achieve this clarity of direction?

Through my own academic research and years of experience in the field, I have captured an approach that can be applied to the development of organisations (teams of teams), teams, and leaders:                

Clarity. Choices. Change.

By investing time to see the whole picture we achieve clarity before we make decisions and act. Taking an organisational perspective through systemic coaching we intentionally invest time to understand our broader environment, see new perspectives and deepen our learning, and we acknowledge our very human tendency for confirmation bias and the relative safety of ‘group think’.  The return on investment in coaching is clarity. Clarity allows for informed choices, sustainable change, and value creation (however you define it). So, 

  • Are your hopes and aspirations clearly defined?

  • Is there a shared understanding and alignment of your intentions amongst your wider organisation, colleagues, peers, or teams?

  • Are the boundaries to achieving your intentions real or perceived? How might you break through?

  • Are your hopes grounded in your systemic context; do you have a thorough understanding of the underlying forces and influences at play?

Before you embark on making decisions and instigating change it pays to do a diagnostic. My role is to facilitate this change (to your agenda) through a learning process that is grounded in developing your systemic awareness, so that you start to make changes from a place of strength and self-knowledge. 

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